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Equestrian Tabard
Leisure Safety

GLOWSAFE® Technology is not only ideal for Public Safety but also for use during leisure time when the need to be seen is just as important. Accessories like tabards, belts, armbands, badges or caps etc. can enhance visibility for cyclists/ motorcyclists, horse riders, cavers, runners, walkers, road safety for children and others.

We have developed a range of items that are more effective than traditional high visibility equivalents as you don't need to be in a car's headlights to be seen!

Reflective Lightweight belt Our new Reflective Lightweight belt weighs less than 180 grams, is robust, and as it contains high visibility material means that it is a superb aid in daylight conditions too, so you only need to have one cycling belt. The GLOWSAFE® material is lit by means of 2 x AAA batteries (which are included). The energy efficiency (there is virtually no heat output) means that there is excellent battery life.

Our Equestrian Tabard has been developed for horse riders. With a flashing hose logo on the rear and GLOWSAFE® strips on the front, these high visibility vests are a great product for all riders. Again a small battery pack powers these vests, but for this battery pack, we also have as an optional kit so that rechargeable batteries van be used, and the vest can simply be "plugged in" to be recharged.

Please check this page regularly to check for new products as our aim is to have the best products on the market to make you safer.

Reflective Lightweight belt
Equestrian Tabard

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