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EL lamps come in a limited number of basic colours. So to create full-color graphics, we print a silk screen image on the EL lamp. This allows us to reproduce a full spectrum of rich colors to meet customer needs. The final step in the process is to laminate the EL lamp to make it more durable

Electroluminescent Film/Driver Specifications:

Minimum size 10 x 2mm
Maximum size 740 x 1500mm (the sheets can be linked to a longer size)
Thickness 0.19mm ~ 0.4mm
Chromaticity red, white, blue, blue-green, green, yellow, pink (or any colour specified by clients)
Stock temperature -30 degree ~ +80 degree
Operating temperature -30 degree ~ +70 degree
Driving voltage AC50 ~ 180v ~2000Hz
Power consumption 2mW/cm2 (typical, 80v, 400Hz)
Animation Any animation sequence

General Specifications:

Applied Voltage AC 50v to AC 220v (ForSplit£­Electro upto350vac)
Applied Frequency 50 HZ  to  3 KHZ
Operating Temperature ­20°C - 50°C (Normal) / 80°C (Maximum)
Storage Temperature ­30°C - 70°C
Operating Humidity 0% - 90%
Operating Current (100vrms/400Hz) 1.5 - 2.5 mA /
Capacitance 2 ­ 5 nF /
Brightness(100vrm/400Hz) 35 - 130 cd / m2
Thickness 0.2 - 0.4mm  (min 0.119mm For 2nd Generation  Foil)
Bend Radius 0.25"­ Normal 2nd Generation Foil-Foldable
Normal Edge Seal 0.08"(2mm)
Min. Edge Seal 0.03"(0.76mm)
Lead Pulling 0.5kg 10sec.
Lead Bending 90o 250gr bending 2 times
Soldering Heat Resistance 250°C 3sec>3mm distance from EL panel with extra force applied

Life span could be up to 10,000-20,000 Hrs or more depending on the lamp's environment, driving condition and duty cycle.


Temperature Humidity Duration
-20°C 0% 2­168Hours
+50°C 90% 2­168Hours
+20°C 60% 2­168Hours
Operating  voltage and frequency - AC 100 Vrms 1 KHZ sine wave
StorageTest Temperature Humidity Duration Brightness Maintainable


500Hours 75%
­20°C   500Hours 75%
 40°C 90%RH 500Hours 75%
Temperature ShockTest ­20°C for 30min <-> 70°C for 30min by 15 cycle, with a maintainable brightness of  75%

surge test

10 times 1000v voltage surge test in 60 seconds

Voltage vs. Current Density   Voltage vs. Power
Voltage vs. Current Density   Voltage vs. Power
Typical Aging Luminance chart    
Typical Aging Luminance chart    

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