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Welcome to the Revolutionary and state of the art technology Electro-Luminescence (EL).

This totally new concept in lighting has been developed to where its applications are now limitless. El is a safe, non-heat generating light, that at just 0.4mm thick, is completely flexible. EL can be used internally and externally, using a choice of power sources. Unique and varied lighting effects can be achieved in a range of single or combined colours. Movement, such as chasing, pulsing, fading and flashing captures the inquisitive mind, therefore holding the attention and focusing on the object being illuminated.

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Architectural Safety Promotional Clothing
EL is the cutting edge of illumination techniques. Find out more! EL increases visibility by 5 times compared to standard 'High Vis' wear.Be Safe! Don't Go til You Glow! Promote your identity or event in a totally unique and innovative way! Be the one that is remembered!! Stand out in the crowd!!
Be noticed!! Be safe!!
Be Seen!!

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